Do You Need To Use A Credit Card To Shop? Title Loans

Of course, you spend a lot of time shopping for household needs, especially before Idul Fitri. Although traditional markets offer cheaper prices, some of you may choose supermarkets or supermarkets as your loyal shopping buddies. In addition to a comfortable shopping atmosphere, supermarkets also provide convenience from the various payment modes offered, one of them is by using a credit card. But do you need to use a credit card to shop during Ramadan?

Consider the amount and type of your expenses

Consider the amount and type of your expenses

How big your nominal expenses and the type of goods you buy are things that need to be considered in determining whether you need to use a credit card or not. Some features of a credit card can indeed help you save on spending in Ramadan. However, it’s a good idea to consider ways to maximize these features so you can save more. For example, if you buy dinner and see a promo at a restaurant using your credit card, before deciding to use the promo, it’s a good idea to compare your initial dinner budget with the final price of the promo. Not infrequently the promo encourages you to spend more than you normally spend.


This cashback feature is one of the most tempting features of a credit card. When spending money on shopping, you can get money back from the transaction. The example is this: for example there is a promotion with a 2% cashback feature in your subscription, then you shop for 2 million rupiah, so from this transaction you can get 40 thousand rupiah back to your pocket. To maximize this feature, of course you need to pay attention to the cashback percentage offered and the maximum limit of the cashback .

Promos and Discounts

Some banks work together with certain brands to provide benefits in the form of discounts. Here you need to pay attention to which brands give discounts on your credit card, so you can get the maximum discount. This is not only limited to physical stores, but also online stores and e-commerce.

Supermarket Special Credit Cards

 Supermarket Special Credit Cards

Some banks offer credit card offers that work directly with your favorite supermarket. This special credit card usually gives you benefits at a discount that is more frequent and with a greater percentage. It is also very useful to save your expenses in the month of Ramadan. Even so, don’t forget to make sure that the credit card you use has cooperation with your favorite supermarket, the most frequent and easy to visit, so as not to bother your shopping activities. Several available supermarket credit cards include Lotte Mart, Carrefour, and Hypermart.

Points Reward System

Some credit cards have a reward point system that will continue to accumulate during your shopping activities. With this feature, you can save expenses by exchanging points that have been collected on your credit card. Points can be exchanged in the form of prizes or even discounts on certain transactions. Before using this feature, it is also important for you to pay attention to the percentage of the discount you will get. Usually banks give a maximum percentage of the discount you can get.

0% installments

Getting THR in Ramadan might be a motivation for you to buy the dreamed item. Approaching the end of Ramadan, not infrequently you can find ideal items at lower prices, both in physical stores and online. Not only discounts, you can also use the convenience of 0% installments using a credit card. This feature can give you relief in buying ideal items, and can use your THR for other purposes. Before deciding to buy goods, it is also important for you to compare the price of installments with the ability to pay. Do not let you buy outside the ability to not be able to pay off credit card installments.

So, do you need to use a credit card to shop during Ramadan? The decision is in your own hands. You can indeed use the benefits of a credit card to help you save money, but it is important to ensure that the credit card bills that come out later can still be paid before maturity and avoid interest. Do not let your shopping activities currently make it difficult for you later.

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