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The Fovissste loan is aimed at Mexican state workers, ideal for obtaining housing at affordable cost and with monthly installments and low interest rates. So, if you’re employed by the state, take advantage of this benefit and get yourself an estate for yourself and your family. The process is simple, you just need patience because it takes months.




Start the process 1 Search works in some government agencies. Only if you work for the state will you have this benefit, so go to a delegation or municipality and revise job offers in your workplace. Also, if you have government notices, ask them to let you know about vacancies in their dependency.

  • Graduating in a bachelor’s degree gives you greater opportunities to work in government.
  • If you study, a social program or professional practice goes into any government agency so you can do a career and get a job as an employee base or trust.
  • It is important that you appoint a minimum of 18 months to be a Fovissest Credit Card.
  •  2 Identify the type of credit that suits your possibilities. If you are active as a worker’s credit depends on your income, and if you have retired and never use this benefit, then go ahead and even benefit. Fortunately, Fovisste has a fairly wide range of options.
  • Traditional credit is the most common and is given to active employees.
  • There is the modality of credit with subsidy for those who have an income of more than 5 minimum wages. This adds an extra amount of money that is not needed to pay it.
  • For pensioners, there is also a special option, only applicable in cases where the credit was never used.
  • Combined modes that allow you to add your Fovissste credit to Infonavit, or combine it with your partner’s credit.
  •  3 Check the call. Given the high demand for this benefit, there are specific periods to apply for the mortgage loan. Traditionally, the call opened in October and the publication of results was done in November. The exact dates change year after year.
  • On the official website of Fovissste you can check the days of the call – so when you see October in the area, the batteries will be charged.

Part 2

Part 2


Process your credit 1 Enter your request In order to take this step, make sure you have at least 18 months of purging for the state, so you can enter your request for a random process done in November. It’s also important to have any other Fovisste active credit. Based on the following:

    • Voter or passport password.
    • CURP.
    • If you request a joint credit, you must collect the documentation of your partner.
    • Personal data, which coincides with the CURP, in addition to your address, home and mobile, email and marriage status.
    • Work information such as the official name of the agency for which you work, your bi-weekly base salary and your appointment, whether you are a basic employee or a reliable employee.
    • Submit the application in any of Fovissste’s reception offices.
    • You can complete the form and submit it from the Fovissste website.
    •  2 Check the random procedure list. The so-called random procedure works in the following way: there is a limited number of credits per year, the amount is about 30 000, but varies in each call. Persons entering their application during the registration process dated in October and doing so within the 30,000 available cards are entitled to the credit. If you’re out of the number, you’ll be on a waiting list.
    • Go to the general list of results on the indicated day of November, where the approved requests appear. Go to the official website of Fovissste and go to the “Consult the Results of the Random Procedure” section.
    •  3 Choose your home Remember that your credit is used to acquire new or used housing, you can also build if you already have land and make improvements if you already have a home.
    • Know the amount of credit you are entitled to with the calculator that makes Fovissste available to you. In this way, you get a base to choose your property.
    •  4 Protect Your Credit If you are one of the lucky ones in the general list of results, it is to go to a financial entity authorized by Fovisste. Deliver the necessary documents, they are responsible for the rest. You can consult a list of financial entities on the Fovissste website.
    • Delivery copy of an official identification with photo and signature, as well as a copy of your CURP and the application for registration with the financial institution, take the original for comparison.
    • Subscribe to the Integral Origin System (SIO) within the “Housing Assignment” phase.
    • Make an evaluation of the house you are planning to buy, considering that it should be at least 30 years of useful life for conventional housing. Avoid attacks from incomplete homes.
    • Obtain your Unique Housing Code (CUV). This process is being processed by the financial institution if the house is used, when new, the key is assigned by the construction company.
    • You have 45 calendar days to complete the process, after this period you will lose the credit.
    •  5 Quit the process and record the actions. The final stage of the loan lasts about 4 months, be patient and meet established requirements. During this period, the financial institution must enter your credit at the Final Verification of Charge Phase. Upon completion, you must receive the date of the financial institution and the notary for signing the deeds.
    • The day you sign must be the financial institution and a representative of the property.
    • Make a copy and original of your official identification, receipt of your last two weeks and proof of address. Remember that if the credit is pooled, you need to take your partner’s documents.
    • The expenses of writing are on your own.
    • The notary fees are covered between you and the Fovissste, each paying half.

Part 3

Part 3

      Work a credit for pensioners


      1 Meets the requirements. You must be pension and between 47 and 74 years old. You did not use your Fovissste credit during your time as an active worker and would like to purchase a new home. This mode is simpler, but you still need to be patient.

      • Choose your home, remember it’s new or usable.
      • Calculate the amount of your credit with the Fovissste tools.
    •  2 Go to a financial institution. Unlike traditional credit, for this method you can register at any time of the year, the only difference is that you will enter a waiting list according to demand. You will need the following documentation:
    • credit application completed by hand.
    • pay pension from your pension.
    • Official photo identification.
    • Proof of address and CURP.
    • CUV, which is only applicable to new housing and provided by the broker.
    •  3 Draw the works of your home. The financial institution is responsible for formalizing your credit after you have the documentation, it is important that you stay tuned to do so according to the deadlines, their date for signing the notary will be given.
    • You will need an evaluation of the house you intend to obtain.
    • Prepare official identification in copy and original, CURP and proof of address to attend the appointment of the deeds.




        • The selectors must be registered with the Federal Mortgage Association, otherwise they will not accept your assessment.
        • The Fovissste loan process is completely free
        • The CUV is processed by the financial institution when you use housing, it has a cost that varies according to the amount of your credit. In this case, you have to pay the fees for this concept.


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