A bad credit payday loan -Where can I get a payday loan with bad credit online?

A quick micro-loan helps to bridge a financial short-term. 

Where can I get a payday loan with bad credit online?

With us, it is possible to get an offer for bad credit loan quickly, easily and immediately. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn more about Green Start and bad credit loans. This makes borrowing money much easier online.

How to apply for a quick microcredit despite negative credit bureau?

Despite the negative credit bureau, a quick microcredit can be applied for in a few minutes from suitable lenders in our premium list free of charge and without obligation. Online credit is easily provided by your computer or smartphone.

The verification of your data takes place directly online. This allows an immediate review and processing to ensure a quick payout.

Which lenders award microcredits despite their negative credit rating?

Which lenders award microcredits despite their negative credit rating?

Microcredits can also be awarded by online banks and private lenders despite their negative credit rating. For small loans with immediate payment, please see our free premium list.

In order to receive a mini loan immediately, all the basic requirements for a loan must be given, such as. the minimum age of 18 years.

Who can give microcredit privately?

Every person with legal capacity has the right to privately grant microcredit. However, it is necessary to comply with country-specific regulations of the General Civil Code.

What do you have to look out for when applying for microcredit without credit bureau information?

What do you have to look out for when applying for a microcredit without credit bureau information?

If you are applying for microcredit without credit bureau examination then you should be careful to get a reputable loan offer.

Due to higher default risk, microcredit provider terms may include higher interest rates. In some cases there are also pre-costs. Under all circumstances, you should check the loan offer carefully before signing any contract.

How can I get a microloan despite credit bureau?

How can I get a micro loan despite credit bureau?

A microloan despite credit bureau is given by online banks, selected banks, and private lenders if certain conditions for lending have been fulfilled. This also includes the creditworthiness of the borrower, which is obtained by the inquiry at the credit bureau.

The credit bureau is a credit agency which stores personal data about outstanding claims. Also, a microloan or a mini loan of 500 € can be reported to the credit bureau. After this data has been stored (open claims are reported to the credit bureau working with it) the borrower is divided into different credit rating categories.

From this classification shows how well the creditworthiness of the customer can be classified. Not only outstanding claims are noted in the credit bureau but also enforcement orders or garnishments.

How can you record reputable microcredit?

Private lenders are also able to lend microcredit with moderate credit rating. Matching providers can be found in our free premium list.

Can microcredit be applied for privately?

Yes, a microcredit can be applied for privately. We recommend that you use reputable, selected private lenders who are also able to offer you a fair personal loan. Vendors who can also give a loan privately, see our premium list.

Is there also a microloan without interest?

Is there also a micro loan without interest?

Yes, in our premium list you will also find providers who grant a loan without interest. 

Which lenders award a microloan despite credit bureau?

Which lenders award a micro loan despite credit bureau?

A microloan despite credit bureau is given by private donors. Reputable providers for a mini loan without credit bureau can also be found in our free premium list.

How do I get a microloan with fast cash payout?

How do I get a micro loan with fast cash payout?

A micro-loan with fast cash payment can be requested directly from suitable online banks as well as private lenders. The Reckerwo List gives you the immediate opportunity to borrow money in the event of a financial shortage.

As the name implies, you can borrow a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in a micro loan. It is clear, however, that a small loan is limited specifically for new customers with the loan amount.

Microcredit can be a very good alternative to a traditional installment loan of your bank. Also, a mini-loan enjoys the advantage of often having better interest rates compared to a credit line.

How to get a micro loan with immediate payment?

How to get a micro loan with immediate payment?

A micro-loan with immediate payment is also very often referred to as an urgent loan or 24 hour credit. This is an express transfer in which I’m in 24 hours, the loan amount can be transferred to the account.

It is important to take into account that many lenders charge additional costs for express processing. This is due to the urgency. The initial costs are also clearly and clearly stated before the conclusion of a contract with a reputable lender.

In order to receive a microcredit immediately on the account, it is important to provide complete and correct information when submitting your application.

What advantages does a micro loan with immediate payment offer?

  1. Express edit
  2. Express payment
  3. Fast credit check
  4. No appointment required
  5. Straightforward and fast online processing

With the premium list, the money is now very easy to borrow.

Does a quick microcredit and its request affect the credit bureau Score?

Does a quick microcredit and its request affect the credit bureau Score?

No, the mere request for credit does not directly affect their credit bureau score. If you have an existing credit bureau entry, we always recommend a free credit bureau self-disclosure.

How fast can a microcredit be paid off – can you borrow money even for 30 days?

Yes, you can borrow money for 30 days. If you would like to repay your microcredit quickly and only take out a short-term loan, then you have the option of making installment payments very flexible, especially with a micro loan. A mini loan of 30 days can be applied for at most of the donors.

What are the requirements for microcredit?

What are the requirements for microcredit?

  • Bank account in Germany, Austria or Switzerland (according to your place of residence)
  • Residence Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Sufficient creditworthiness
  • Regular income (there are exceptions for the unemployed, pensioners and students)

Can a micro-loan without income be applied for?

A microcredit without proof of income can be applied for from selected suppliers of our premium list.

Can a microcredit be granted for the unemployed?

Can a microcredit be granted for the unemployed?

Yes, a micro-loan for the unemployed can also be applied for. In addition, retirees and low-income earners have the opportunity to borrow money immediately with a microcredit.

What is a micro-credit for students?

A micro-credit for students will be awarded for new customers up to 500 euros. Exceptions for a higher lending requirement can also be agreed with private lenders.

Is it possible to get a microcredit without collateral?

Yes, a micro-loan can also be obtained without collateral if a co-applicant or guarantor can assume the default risk.

How to apply for a 500 Euro loan?

A 500 Euro loan can be requested quickly and easily from providers of our premium list. Freelancers and self-employed persons can apply for a mini-loan of 500 euros. Offers and conditions vary depending on the provider. Make your choice which provider for a small loan of 500 € for you in question.

Is a micro-loan for the self-employed awarded?

Is a micro-loan for the self-employed awarded?

Yes, a micro-loan for the self-employed and freelancers can be applied for. If the self-employment has proven to exist for at least two years, it is also possible to obtain higher credit sums and thus to borrow more money.

Where can a micro-credit for founders be applied for?

Where can a micro-credit for founders be applied for?

A micro-credit for founders (start-up loan) can also be applied for from selected lenders of our premium list. This is a micro-loan for start-up entrepreneurs who start their own business with a startup.

Microcredit for small businesses is particularly suitable for short-term bridging of financial bottlenecks or temporary cash flow problems. A microcredit for companies should always meet the business requirements.


Selected direct banks as well as private lenders can grant microcredits depending on their individual financial situation. Express processing offers the possibility to take out a loan very quickly. The purpose can be freely chosen, Nevertheless, this form of microfinance also offers the opportunity. to borrow money for an unforeseen repair. Even a small car loan can not be exempted. A short loan is taken out if you intend to repay the money in a relatively short period of time. With the help of our loan calculator it is possible to choose the loan amount as well as the duration of the installment. Special mini loan providers can be found in our premium list. We always try to update the best and newest providers so that your loan or your search for financing works as smoothly as possible. We hope you can find a suitable loan online with the help of our list. 

Your renovation loan: a new start for your home!

Your renovation loan: a new start for your home!

Your renovation loan: a new start for your home!

Buying a house is always writing a new story. If you buy an older home that is in good condition but in need of renovation, you have to spend money. If you talk about insulating the roof, installing heating, refreshing windows, a new kitchen, new floor, then you already have tens of thousands of euros that you have to spend. Have a renovation loan pay for this. That way you can make the adjustments and you won’t feel it in your wallet.

Need a renovation loan? 

Need a renovation loan? 

The housing market is very stable at the moment. There are many houses and apartments for sale and people can borrow more due to low interest rates. The result is that the vacancy of buildings is less and less and that renovations can be made quicker. Many homes that are 50 to 100 years old and have not undergone any renovation. With the latest technologies about making a home energy efficient, there is a lot of work to be done if we want to renovate. Insulating a house is a big expense. Certainly when you talk about insulating the roof, walls and windows, you are talking about many thousands of euros. There are different options and types of finish, so the more you can spend on it, the better your insulation.

If you are going to inquire about insulation quotes, you will only notice what the costs will be in total. The range of service providers is the same everywhere, but it is important to find a reliable partner who also finishes the work satisfactorily. If you want to prepare your house or apartment for the future, it is essential to insulate and renovate. Apart from the insulation, you can have a home where the layout is not optimal. 50 years ago, all spaces were closed off from each other. Now it must all be one whole. It is a different time now and we want to create a more modern feel and a real home, then sometimes walls and other materials have to be put into it.

So renovating costs a lot of money, but you also get a lot in return. You make a beautiful home for you and your family and your home will also increase in value. Some who buy up houses, completely strip and rebuild. In addition to money, a lot of time is also spent there. But the result is that you can achieve a nice profit margin on sales. That, of course, is not set aside for everyone to completely renovate a house. Whoever has two left hands will have to outsource it all, and then we will once again be in the street of the renovation loan.

Renovation loans at the nearest bank

Renovation loans at the nearest bank

Renovation loans are therefore also a hot item at banks. Many home loans are taken out, so people also want to renovate. If there is not enough savings, you should visit the bank and inquire about the options. There are also interesting interest rates for renovation loans and you can borrow a substantial amount for a bearable monthly installment. You will certainly not cut your own skin by taking out a renovation loan. You just have to know well how much you need to be able to perform all the work properly. Sometimes there are unexpected things that you will be confronted with, which you also have to keep in mind when calculating.

Make sure your monthly budget stays in order if you want to take out a renovation loan. A bank wants to know how much your income is and how much your expenses are like other loans. If you already have around 40% of your income going to loans, a bank will not approve. If there is still room, you can perfectly request a renovation loan and still do the work. It will take a few years to pay off and pay off the loan, but it will make your home complete. So it is a necessary evil and you will enjoy it for a long time.

The interest rates on renovation loans vary from bank to bank and you can do a little research on that. The lower the interest, the lower the costs on the loan and the less you have to pay back each month. Let that be a serious tip if you still want to keep your budget in order. This saves you money, even if you have a loan with it. All the little bits make a big one and so you can still do other expenses.

Turn your new home into a dream home by applying for a renovation loan. In this way you can perform all the works and create added value for your future home.

The Risks of Major Investments – Improve Your Financial Health


The risk is never just the investment, but the use you make of it. But in general, we have, at least as risky:

Treasury Direct

 Treasury Direct

Credit risk. The Treasury Direct is the least risky investment in the market, as it is guaranteed by the federal government. If the federal government defaults Treasury bonds, the economy becomes chaos, as much of the country’s money-including banks-is in those bonds.

If you sell a treasury bill before maturity you will be subject to the market risk of the bond price varying but not usually the largest in the market.



Credit Risk, again. It would be the risk of the bank to break, but you are guaranteed by the FGC up to $ 250,000 (including interest).

In addition, there is a risk of losing good opportunities, as Treasury Direct always pays more than savings. Then there is no need to continue saving!

Federal Precepts

Federal Precepts

Credit risk. It is the same idea of ​​the Direct Treasury: the chance of the federal government to default on a debt bond is very low.

Fixed Income protected by FGC


Credit risk. Most fixed income securities (CDB, LCA, LCI, LC, LI, LH, savings) are guaranteed by the FGC. It guarantees you up to R $ 250,000, per CPF and bank. You can find out more on the FGC website .

It’s a little less secure than the Treasury Direct.



Here begins the Market Risk. ETF is the acronym for “Exchange Traded Funds”. They are funds traded on the stock exchange. They put multiple stocks together into one package, so you can invest in multiple stocks at the same time, even if you have little money. This is a very interesting way to start investing in stocks.

Consolidated corporate actions


Market Risk, mainly. Consolidated companies are less risky because they are more predictable. It’s much harder for Ambev (one of the biggest beer companies in the world) to do unpredictable things and give unexpectedly bad results than an unknown and novice company do the same.

Investing in Startups

 Investing in Startups

The word is fashionable, so it’s good to talk about it. Startups are startups generally based on the lean startup method. That is, always make tests and quickly validate your hypotheses in the market. Like any start-up project, the risk of going wrong is much greater than a company already consolidated.

And for this reason, investing in them can give investors far greater returns (which is the case with angel investors).

Shares of companies that are not yet operating

 Shares of companies that are not yet operating

The risk here is even greater than that of start-ups. The most emblematic case was that of OGX, oil company of Eike Batista. Without having even drawn a drop of oil, the entrepreneur conquered all the investors in the chat.

A lot of people relied on his propaganda, and ignored that his project had a huge risk of not working out.

Result? The operation failed and the company was unable to extract oil. A company that started out worth more than $ 1000 per share ended quoted at $ 0.05.

Invest in your own business

 Invest in your own business

Risk of the operation going wrong. If you are a first-time mariner, the risk of things just does not work out and you lose money is great. It is therefore important to have a good reserve of money or other sources of income before devoting yourself to your own project.

Invest without fear!


Now we are talking about the risks, and you can walk more firmly in the investment world. Let’s go to the part that interests you: know the best investments for you.


Mortgage loan

What is a mortgage loan or a home loan?

What is a mortgage loan or a <a href=home loan?” width=”640″ height=”425″ />

A mortgage loan is really nothing but a mortgage. When you take out such a loan, you buy a house, apartment or plot of land. That purchase then becomes the collateral for the loan. A collateral is a kind of guarantee for the lender. If you do not meet the payment obligations, it has the right to sell your collateral to pay off the remaining debt.

It doesn’t have to get that far. The conditions of a mortgage loan are very clear and transparent. Also prepare a clear repayment schedule.
That way you won’t be confronted with surprises!

A mortgage loan is taken out for a specific duration. Traditionally this was 20 years. Today, however, most people take out a 30-year mortgage due to rising property prices.

A mortgage loan is also closely related to your living situation. Your income or joint family income, your living situation and your age are used to make the final calculation.

An important rule of thumb for such loans is the balance between the value of your collateral and the amount of money you borrow. This balance is based on an execution value. This is the amount that the lender expects to receive in the event of a forced sale of the collateral. The foreclosure value is usually set at 125%, equal to the amount to be borrowed.

With this short explanation you will come to an end, but contact a mortgage adviser anyway!



A mortgage loan is a home loan with which you can buy a house, apartment or building land.

You can borrow up to 125% of the purchase price, so you can also pay the notary fees and other expenses of the loan amount!

The mortgage loan Credithome currently offers interesting possibilities! As you may know, percentages vary from customer to customer depending on your personal situation, so complete the online form and do a simulation!

How to Apply For A Credit Loan: 11 Steps | Loans



The Fovissste loan is aimed at Mexican state workers, ideal for obtaining housing at affordable cost and with monthly installments and low interest rates. So, if you’re employed by the state, take advantage of this benefit and get yourself an estate for yourself and your family. The process is simple, you just need patience because it takes months.




Start the process 1 Search works in some government agencies. Only if you work for the state will you have this benefit, so go to a delegation or municipality and revise job offers in your workplace. Also, if you have government notices, ask them to let you know about vacancies in their dependency.

  • Graduating in a bachelor’s degree gives you greater opportunities to work in government.
  • If you study, a social program or professional practice goes into any government agency so you can do a career and get a job as an employee base or trust.
  • It is important that you appoint a minimum of 18 months to be a Fovissest Credit Card.
  •  2 Identify the type of credit that suits your possibilities. If you are active as a worker’s credit depends on your income, and if you have retired and never use this benefit, then go ahead and even benefit. Fortunately, Fovisste has a fairly wide range of options.
  • Traditional credit is the most common and is given to active employees.
  • There is the modality of credit with subsidy for those who have an income of more than 5 minimum wages. This adds an extra amount of money that is not needed to pay it.
  • For pensioners, there is also a special option, only applicable in cases where the credit was never used.
  • Combined modes that allow you to add your Fovissste credit to Infonavit, or combine it with your partner’s credit.
  •  3 Check the call. Given the high demand for this benefit, there are specific periods to apply for the mortgage loan. Traditionally, the call opened in October and the publication of results was done in November. The exact dates change year after year.
  • On the official website of Fovissste you can check the days of the call – so when you see October in the area, the batteries will be charged.

Part 2

Part 2


Process your credit 1 Enter your request In order to take this step, make sure you have at least 18 months of purging for the state, so you can enter your request for a random process done in November. It’s also important to have any other Fovisste active credit. Based on the following:

    • Voter or passport password.
    • CURP.
    • If you request a joint credit, you must collect the documentation of your partner.
    • Personal data, which coincides with the CURP, in addition to your address, home and mobile, email and marriage status.
    • Work information such as the official name of the agency for which you work, your bi-weekly base salary and your appointment, whether you are a basic employee or a reliable employee.
    • Submit the application in any of Fovissste’s reception offices.
    • You can complete the form and submit it from the Fovissste website.
    •  2 Check the random procedure list. The so-called random procedure works in the following way: there is a limited number of credits per year, the amount is about 30 000, but varies in each call. Persons entering their application during the registration process dated in October and doing so within the 30,000 available cards are entitled to the credit. If you’re out of the number, you’ll be on a waiting list.
    • Go to the general list of results on the indicated day of November, where the approved requests appear. Go to the official website of Fovissste and go to the “Consult the Results of the Random Procedure” section.
    •  3 Choose your home Remember that your credit is used to acquire new or used housing, you can also build if you already have land and make improvements if you already have a home.
    • Know the amount of credit you are entitled to with the calculator that makes Fovissste available to you. In this way, you get a base to choose your property.
    •  4 Protect Your Credit If you are one of the lucky ones in the general list of results, it is to go to a financial entity authorized by Fovisste. Deliver the necessary documents, they are responsible for the rest. You can consult a list of financial entities on the Fovissste website.
    • Delivery copy of an official identification with photo and signature, as well as a copy of your CURP and the application for registration with the financial institution, take the original for comparison.
    • Subscribe to the Integral Origin System (SIO) within the “Housing Assignment” phase.
    • Make an evaluation of the house you are planning to buy, considering that it should be at least 30 years of useful life for conventional housing. Avoid attacks from incomplete homes.
    • Obtain your Unique Housing Code (CUV). This process is being processed by the financial institution if the house is used, when new, the key is assigned by the construction company.
    • You have 45 calendar days to complete the process, after this period you will lose the credit.
    •  5 Quit the process and record the actions. The final stage of the loan lasts about 4 months, be patient and meet established requirements. During this period, the financial institution must enter your credit at the Final Verification of Charge Phase. Upon completion, you must receive the date of the financial institution and the notary for signing the deeds.
    • The day you sign must be the financial institution and a representative of the property.
    • Make a copy and original of your official identification, receipt of your last two weeks and proof of address. Remember that if the credit is pooled, you need to take your partner’s documents.
    • The expenses of writing are on your own.
    • The notary fees are covered between you and the Fovissste, each paying half.

Part 3

Part 3

      Work a credit for pensioners


      1 Meets the requirements. You must be pension and between 47 and 74 years old. You did not use your Fovissste credit during your time as an active worker and would like to purchase a new home. This mode is simpler, but you still need to be patient.
      • Choose your home, remember it’s new or usable.
      • Calculate the amount of your credit with the Fovissste tools.
    •  2 Go to a financial institution. Unlike traditional credit, for this method you can register at any time of the year, the only difference is that you will enter a waiting list according to demand. You will need the following documentation:
    • credit application completed by hand.
    • pay pension from your pension.
    • Official photo identification.
    • Proof of address and CURP.
    • CUV, which is only applicable to new housing and provided by the broker.
    •  3 Draw the works of your home. The financial institution is responsible for formalizing your credit after you have the documentation, it is important that you stay tuned to do so according to the deadlines, their date for signing the notary will be given.
    • You will need an evaluation of the house you intend to obtain.
    • Prepare official identification in copy and original, CURP and proof of address to attend the appointment of the deeds.




        • The selectors must be registered with the Federal Mortgage Association, otherwise they will not accept your assessment.
        • The Fovissste loan process is completely free
        • The CUV is processed by the financial institution when you use housing, it has a cost that varies according to the amount of your credit. In this case, you have to pay the fees for this concept.


Get a simulation of your payday loan? That is possible here, free and easy!

Banks all have a very extensive website nowadays. We have been conducting our banking business with it for years such as transfers, account statements. But also requests for new services such as bank cards and loans. Banks have made a very handy system for loans. You can carry out a simulation loan for the application. That is entirely without obligation, so you can first do this purely for information purposes. That way you know exactly what you will have to pay for the loan each month.

Pay costs on a payday loan

Pay costs on a loan

Because for many people that is what it is all about, knowing the exact costs of the loan they need. In the past you were allowed to sit down at the counter in a bank for this, today you can easily do that from your lazy chair. Just take the computer and you can simulate payday loans. In a few seconds you have done one, in ten minutes a handful of couches. Why should you do more than a bank? Just because you can compare.

When you buy a car you will also compare prices and suppliers. The same is with a loan. After all, you have to pay costs on a loan. The lower the costs on a loan, the more interesting for you. Because then you keep more money in your own pocket and you have to handle it well. Just because the costs of other things are also added. You receive invoices for services that you have running or products that you purchase somewhere almost every day. The end of the month is a difficult period for many people. Take this into account so that you do not get into financial difficulties. Banks also state that you cannot spend more than 1 / 3rd of your income on a loan. That not to put you as a customer in trouble, but for the bank it is a must to get their money back.

That is only possible if you have a fixed income, which you can prove on the basis of a few wage sheets. You may also not have too many other fixed expenses. A bank counts the other loans for that and also alimony that you may have to pay. You can already make the sum yourself, but if you pass on all the documents to the bank you will also receive an answer of what is still possible.

Borrow at the lowest costs

Borrow at the lowest costs

You probably already know the slogan ‘borrowing money also costs money’. Banks didn’t just create it. That is to make people aware that in addition to the amount borrowed, you also have to repay costs. So it’s not free what banks do. Be aware of this if you want to apply for a loan and compare as many providers as possible. That way you can borrow at the best conditions and that is always with the lowest costs that you can find.

The guide for those who want to perform a simulation of their loan!

Thanks to the internet you can easily perform a loan simulation. Banks have been walking the way of the internet for several years. It provides a stream of new customers. But existing customers can also easily manage their services. We have been making transfers and requesting services via online banks for years. Easy and fast, so they have continued to innovate and you can now also perform a loan simulation. This is free and without obligation. So you can do as many as you wish, and that at any bank where you want. That way you can compare the offer, because banks can vary considerably in costs.

Who has advantage on getting a loan

Who has advantage on getting a loan

So look for some banks that you find interesting to perform a simulation. That way you can quickly see where the offer is the most interesting and you can possibly apply for the loan. You can perform a loan simulation quickly by entering two details. These are the amount you wish to borrow and the number of months to execute the payment. You can often choose the latter between a short or a long repayment period. If you opt for a short period, you have fewer costs to pay but the monthly amount is a lot higher. A longer term has the advantage that the monthly amount is lower and therefore easier, but the costs are higher. A choice that you can make, the bank lets you in freely.

It is always important to carry out as many loan simulations as possible, in this way you compare the offer and you can borrow on the best terms. Every bank in our country still has a website so you can use it as well. In addition to simulations, you can also find a lot of information there. And if you still have questions, there is always a bank branch nearby where you can go. Although there is already support via a help desk that you can consult online. All the convenience for you as a potential customer.

Apply the best loan

Apply the best loan

So in a short time you have carried out a few loan simulations and you get a picture where you can best apply for the loan. You can apply for the loan, but each bank will first want to check whether you can still handle it. You still have enough money left over to pay other fixed costs. That’s why you can only spend 1 / 3rd of your income on loans. That is to prevent you from borrowing too much and eventually getting into financial difficulties. But it is also important for the bank that they only take customers who can guarantee that they can repay the money. This way they see everything again, with the profit margin on top.

End of Year is the Right Time to Be Free of Credit Card Problems


The accumulation of credit card problems that you have faced in recent times, especially during 2017 is not without a way out. These problems, especially debts that are in arrears and are not able to be repaid are indeed often a barrier to starting new beginnings, for example to start owning a new home, starting a new business, applying for new motorized vehicles, etc. How come? Credit card problems that are in arrears often have an impact on the Historical IDI, where any arrears you make will still be recorded in the Bank Indonesia system, and poor credit collectability can make your name badly tarnished and deemed less credible for loans.


Quick Ways to Pay Off Debt


Quick Ways to Pay Off Debt


There are several ways to quickly pay off debt, the main key is to take part in a relief program. The relief program or commonly referred to as credit restructuring is an improvement effort made by the Bank in credit activities to debtors who have difficulties in fulfilling their obligations. The results of this credit restructuring can usually alleviate customers so that they can better afford to pay. There are several ways that can usually be done, for example by decreasing credit card interest rates, extending the loan tenure, reducing loan interest arrears, reducing loan principal arrears, adding credit facilities, and converting credit into temporary capital participation.

These methods are usually formed in several types of relief programs which generally can be obtained, for example: obtaining a discount on credit, deductions with extended installments, or a combination of both. Here is the third explanation   type of relief program from the bank :

One-time discount / discount

This type of lightening program makes customers able to get a discount with a nominal that is usually quite lightening.   As the name implies, even though the customer gets a discount in his debt (generally 20-50%), they must pay directly in one payment. In some cases, this one relief program can give cardholders a discount of up to 70%. It’s just that you have to have financial readiness so you can pay immediately. This type is certainly not suitable for those of you who do not have enough savings, which can be directly allocated to pay the remaining arrears that have been discounted in one payment. The main advantage that can be directly felt is free from the disruption of debt collectors and feel more calm because the debt has disappeared, because in one payment all payments can be completed.

Extended Installments with Low Interest

The second is to pay more lightly. Usually with this program customers can pay in installments at a much lower interest rate. If the normal interest currently running is in the range of 2.25%, then it is possible to get interest of only 0-2%. As with the installment tenure, you can pay in installments over a longer period of time. In some cases, you can repay up to 60 months (5 years).   Funds that need to be prepared to join this program are at least funds to pay DP (minimum 10% of total debt for a credit card or one month installments for KTA) or depending on the policy of the bank. The advantage of this program is that you can pay little by little without directly dredging savings. Unfortunately, high payment consistency is required. Once you miss a payment, the program will be considered a failure, and the total arrears will return to normal as if they didn’t get any relief at all.

Installment Discounts

For installment discount programs, you can usually benefit from the two types of programs above. But because of its combined nature, of course you cannot pay in installments throughout the installment program, generally as much as 6x payments. Likewise at discounts, you do not get a discount for a one-time discount program. This type of program is only available in some banks. In addition, the bank will also see the conditions experienced by the customer first. If the customer has supporting conditions that make it more difficult to pay off the debt, then it is likely that they can get this program (provided that the bank has the program).

End of Year is the Right Time to Be Free of Credit Card Problems


End of Year is the Right Time to Be Free of Credit Card Problems


After knowing the various quick debt-paying solutions you can take to welcome 2018 with a fresh start, this is a good time to take that step. Why at the end of the year or December is the right time to be free from credit card problems? There are several reasons behind it all:

Reason # 1: In order to be able to start a new beginning in 2018 more positively

Even though it is already at the end of the year, starting a strategy in paying off debt in the following year is the right step. At least, you already know how to deal with debt repayments in 2018. This can certainly make you more positive and can get ready from now on in seeing opportunities to seek additional income. For example, by becoming a freelancer or seeing opportunities to start an online business.

Reason # 2: Can Use the End of Year Bonus Well

In some companies, usually there will be a year-end bonus that can be obtained. Take advantage of this year’s end bonus as a way to get rid of bank debt. You can allocate bonuses to directly pay debts, so that it is not already spent on other expenses which are not priorities or even consumptive. That way, you can be wiser in managing monthly or year-end finances.

Reason # 3: Many Special Programs from the Bank

Some banks usually issue special programs that are more attractive and relieve you in paying off the remaining arrears. In addition, relief programs issued by banks are usually more special and may not necessarily appear in the usual months, because the year-end moments are often identified with the annual bonus. This is what usually makes the program more attractive, so that it can be adapted to the conditions of your debt. These forms of relief programs also vary. This offer is exclusive to Arsene Lupine international customers. Our experienced team is ready to help you free from credit card debt or KTA. If you want to find out what lightening programs are offered, you can contact Arsène Lupine so that you can consult your issues with us at once .

Arsène Lupine international   is the first technology-based professional services company in Indonesia, which provides a debt management program. This program is designed so that consumers who are in debt, have the ability to control their finances again. Arsène Lupine Indonesia helps clients through debt management programs, specifically designed to suit different needs for each client. This program is a combination of education on various opportunities to increase income and reduce expenditure, as well as conduct negotiation processes on existing bank debt requirements to reach the amount of payment that is in accordance with the ability. The head office of Arsène Lupine Indonesia was established in Jakarta in 2015 by a founding team that has collective experience in finance including debt settlement for more than two decades. Arsène Lupine makes Indonesia the center of operations and is also a blueprint for the company’s development plan to other ASEAN countries. Since July 2016, Arsène Lupine Indonesia has become the first company in Asia to be accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators ( IAPDA ).

Your home loan: cheap and easy to borrow for your home! – Your Loan

Your home loan: cheap and easy to borrow for your home!

This year is really the time to buy a house. The interest on the home loans is so low that the interest remains limited. In 20 or 25 years it is still a considerable amount, but much less than a few years ago. Since you can borrow more, you can also borrow to perform repairs. Often houses are in good condition, but they still have to be modernized. And that also costs money. Find a cheap loan in the first place.

The Belgian has a real brick in his stomach and the real estate market is doing very well at the moment. There is a lot to buy and we also like to buy again. Lots of houses and apartments and with the low interest on housing loans, many people are looking for a house. If you ever wanted to buy your own house, now is the time because even with a modest income you can now buy a decent home. And if you need something extra to install new windows or drivers, you can borrow that.

Because many homes with a year of construction from 1915 to 1970 have a solid structure, but are not modern at all. Often there is still a heater on fuel oil or maybe already natural gas. That must be all your first concern and cost to change that to central heating on natural gas. Currently there are still premiums from the government for making your home energy efficient. Such as insulating and renewing the roof, double glazing and the like can still get a premium.

So be surprised by your borrowing capacity, because you will be able to borrow more if you thought so. So you do not have to rent forever or live with your parents. You will soon be on your own with your own house or apartment. If you borrow together with your partner, the options are even greater and you can purchase an even larger property. Because a bank counts the income of both partners together to calculate the capacity.

Apply loan via internet

Apply loan via internet

With a computer and internet connection it is really easy to apply for a loan or to inquire about the possibilities. Almost all banks have a simulation tool on their website, and you as a potential customer can make full use of it. By entering how much money you want to borrow and the term you want to pay off. These are hardly two details that you need to see a monthly amount appear. That amount also includes the costs that a loan entails. A bank is required to state all costs, including a simulation. So that the customer does not get sand in the eyes. You know where you stand and by seeing the costs you can also compare which bank has the lowest costs.

Ultimately, you have to go for a loan with the lowest costs. A loan is about money and the money is the same everywhere, but the costs can make a big difference. It can make a difference so that you can spend a little extra on other things every month. The costs for energy and heating increase year after year and that also affects the costs that you have every month. So if you can save on other things like loans, then you should definitely consider doing a proper comparison.

You can compare yourself by first starting to view your own income and expenses. How much do you earn and possibly your partner. Add those amounts together and also include other income such as rents or from an independent activity. You can do the expenses just the same. Rent or housing loan, electricity, heating, water, food, hobby, insurance, car costs and so on. Add everything together and see how much you have left. This can be a good benchmark to make the decision yourself. A bank will view this somewhat differently by calculating the risk that they have to you. The higher the risk, the less chance you have of getting a loan.

The cheapest loan can certainly be found and you too can claim it. If you do not have time to sort this out yourself, this article can help you with this. All the necessary information has been compiled here with the greatest care. Don’t wait any longer to apply for that loan.

Banking and consumer credit: comparative credit organizations

Find in our article and our video everything you need to know about loans and personal loans. Discover the different types of consumer loans as well as our advice on how to choose your credit, our recommendations on the purchase of credits and our regularly updated comparison of credit offers.

The different consumer credits

Whether you do not have enough savings for an expense or you do not want to draw in your investments, many consumer loans exist. Consumer loans are loans of a minimum amount of 200 euros and a maximum amount of 75,000 euros, spread over a period of 3 months minimum.

Consumer credit: the appropriated appropriation

Consumer credit: the appropriated appropriation

Affected loans are loans related to a given expense, the best known of which are work-related loans or car loans. Note the strong growth of the lease with an option to purchase at the expense of conventional car loans in connection with the acquisition of a new car. In the third quarter of 2018, the Banque de France highlights the vitality of the leasing sector, driven by automobile purchases and up by 28.7% compared to the second quarter of 2018. This growth in lending has been confirmed ever since. several years already.

Consumption credit: personal loan or personal credit without proof

A personal loan is a loan not tied to a specific expense. The borrower is, therefore, free to use the amount of his credit as he sees fit. This type of loan tends to be maintained, production is relatively stable in recent years.

Consumer credit: revolving credit or revolving credit

According to the latest analysis of the Bank of France on recent trends in consumer credit (3rd quarter 2018) “the growth of consumer loans to individuals continues primarily driven by revolving loans, whose growth annual becomes positive after several quarters of decline. It should also be noted that “the growth of leases, driven by car purchases, is still lively while the increase in the outstanding amount of depreciable loans slows somewhat over a year.

Our advice before subscribing to a consumer credit

Our advice before subscribing to a consumer credit

Consumption credit: check your contract and the cost of your credit

Consumption credit: check your contract and the cost of your credit

Consumer credit is not necessarily easy to understand. Make sure you understand the operation and price of credit before signing anything. A credit has 3 distinct elements to identify:

  • capital (sum borrowed);
  • the interests ;
  • fixed costs (fees, insurance, etc.).

Do not take the following mandatory statement lightly: “A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit. In any case, if you do not do it, since the Lagarde law, the financial institutions are they in the obligation to do it since they are required, before the signature of the contract, to check the solvency of the borrower.

Choose a reliable credit organization that complies with regulations

Choose a reliable credit organization that complies with regulations

Consumer credit is highly regulated in order to protect the individual who subscribes to this type of credit. Opt for an actor who respects the regulations in force. The lender must provide the future borrower with a standardized fact sheet that describes the characteristics of the credit to which the individual wishes to subscribe.

This card is very useful since it will allow you to easily compare two credits between them. Note: To compare the cost of two credits, especially if their duration differs, use the APR (annual percentage rate of charge) which takes into account all mandatory fees.

When signing the contract, make sure that it includes the box at the top of the sheet, which reminds you of the essential characteristics of the loan:

  • type of credit;
  • loan amount, maturity and repayment duration (for personal loans);
  • credit rate, expressed in the form of APR (annual percentage rate of charge), which includes all the mandatory costs of the credit transaction (interest rate, application fees, etc.);
  • the total cost of credit, with and without insurance.

The withdrawal period of a consumer credit

The withdrawal period of a consumer credit

For any offer of consumer credit, the borrower has a right of withdrawal of 14 days that allows you during this period of time to return to your commitment, without reasons. To do this, complete the specific form provided with your contract and send it by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt to the lending institution. Attention, for the credits affected, this period is reduced to three days if the borrower requests the immediate delivery of the financed property.

Credit Redemption: Our Tips for Reducing Debt

Credit Redemption: Our Tips for Reducing Debt

Credit repurchases allow you to group all your credits into one to facilitate the management of your accounts, with a single monthly payment, with a single organization, and possibly to lighten your monthly payments. Several organizations, in addition to credit-granting organizations, can offer you this option.

You can, therefore, apply to your bank or another authorized financial institution. After studying your file, if this organization accepts you as a customer, you will be more indebted to him alone. During the negotiation of the repurchase agreement, the paying agency will propose:

  • a single loan;
  • a single rate (which can be fixed or variable);
  • a new (single) schedule;
  • a new refund (single) flexible according to your capacity and your needs.

The repurchase of credit sometimes offers the last alternative to highly indebted households before passing over the debt distress commission of the Bank of France. Indeed, when you subscribe to a repurchase of credit you have not stuck anywhere. However, the redemption of credit is not a loophole. It does not release you in any case from your debts.

Never be persuaded by a direct seller by phone or email without comparing the institutions and rates: before consolidating your credits, you must be sure that you opt for the most suitable solution.