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A decade of competitive creative design at Cranfield University

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The internationally recognized Center for Creative Competitive Design (C4D) at Cranfield University is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

C4D is an award-winning center of excellence for creative design, strategy and leadership and has contributed to hundreds of projects over the past decade.

He has helped find ways to translate science and technology based opportunities into market ready solutions and C4D research uses a combination of design and engineering skills to translate science and technology based opportunities. in life.

They have played an important role in improvements to the technology of the production line of a world famous brand, which was previously believed to be “impossible”; helped provide solutions to difficult design elements of a waterless toilet; and has manufactured hundreds of adjustable face mask connectors, to support NHS staff and key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Professor Leon Williams, Director of the Cranfield Center for Competitive Creative Design, said: “Ten years is a milestone for the Center.

“By combining creative design practices with systematic applied research methods, we can quickly visualize, prototype, test and validate new knowledge and ideas.

“This reduces uncertainty and risks for our partners. Design thinking is increasingly adopted as a strategic business tool, forcing designers to offer a competitive advantage.

“In these difficult times, we have seen how we can use our community of design engineers to create innovation for the good of society.

“Using knowledge development and idea management activities guided by sustainable design practices, students understand what can be achieved by working collaboratively and using their engineering skills to solve real and future problems. “

The Center for Creative Competitive Design (C4D) continues to be at the heart of design developments and innovation, with its creative application to solve real-world problems in industry and the wider environment.

Its staff are dedicated to making a social and environmental impact in education, research and the ever-changing environment around us.

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