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An Engineering Company with Rigorous Technical Skills and Creative Design Opens Its Doors | Carson City Nevada News

A new on-demand machine design and automation company, Nevatio Engineering, has opened in Reno, Nevada.

Co-founded by Emil Geiger, PhD, PE; Marc A. Magarin, ME; and James Walker ME, EE; the agile team is capable of mechanical design, electrical design, system controls, functional prototyping, machine design, automation and machine modernization. Nevatio operates as a floating engineering department for mid-sized industrial manufacturing and technology companies that need engineering services without incurring expensive overhead.

“We blend the rigorous technical skills of engineering with the elegance of creative design to generate the best solutions to technical challenges,” said Magarin. “Whether it’s automating a manual operation, troubleshooting an unreliable process, or speeding up a production bottleneck, just give us a call when you need us.”

Specializing in solving difficult engineering and design problems, manufacturing and logistics companies make up the bulk of Nevatio’s customers. When equipment issues or new expansion initiatives arise they may not have the resources to address them efficiently and cost-effectively, that’s when Nevatio can step in.

With additional knowledge in industry design standards such as ASME, ANSI, ISO, NFPA, NEC and BC, the team can seamlessly integrate services into existing standard design processes.

The Nevatio team is made up of experts and has worked on projects such as machine design, special devices, industrial equipment, jigs and fixtures, as well as automation and controls.

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About Nevatio Engineering:
Founded in Reno, Nevada, Nevatio Engineering is an agile design team capable of on-demand mechanical and electrical engineering, functional prototyping, technical documentation, and machine modernization. For more information, visit

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