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Creative design and collaboration; Interview with Teodora Gavrilut, Marketing Manager at Bannersnack.

Bannersnack offers an innovation cloud-based creative design and banner building platform. Teodora Gavrilut, Marketing Manager at Bannersnack, shares more details with us in an exclusive interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us more about yourself.

My name is Teodora Gavrilut and I am responsible for marketing at Bannersnack.

My marketing journey began over 15 years ago and since then I have been looking to step out of my professional comfort zone. I went from writing to managing a tech magazine, then managing T-shaped marketers with stellar portfolios to developing and coordinating ambitious freelance projects.

I currently manage a team of 15 qualified marketers at Bannersnack. From a marketing perspective, we take care of everything a SaaS product needs to stand out in competitive markets: SEO, content creation, management and distribution, email marketing, PPC, social media, etc.

I love what I do and believe I have been very fortunate to have built my career through my love for technology and my passion for marketing.

What is Bannersnack?

To answer that question, I think I should talk about what Bannersnack is striving to be: a universally designed platform, meeting everything from simple visuals, ads and banners to advanced video and branding solutions. . All our efforts are in this direction.

Bannersnack is now a cloud-based collaborative creative design platform. You can use it to create visual marketing and advertising assets or campaign deliverables both online and in print. You can also use it as a video ad maker or to manage your teams remotely. We offer scalable, personalized and economical solutions for graphic design.

Bannersnack started as a banner maker in 2008. Since then we have stayed afloat and have even thrived on adopting the latest industry trends and technologies, similar to most successful SaaS products.

But what is special about Bannersnack, you will ask me? Every tool on the market is touted as the best, cheapest, most advanced, but what made Bannersnack shine was our utmost respect and dedication to our community.

Before we invest in anything else, we have made sure that our customer service and experience is impeccable. Therefore, we have created a customer-centric approach and business environment and, more importantly, we have developed our product based on the needs of our community.

Why is your revolutionary design platform important to businesses in 2020?

We understand the industry we are speaking to simply because we are part of it as well. There are a few main directions that we follow with our product because we believe they make everyone’s life easier. Therefore, Bannersnack and its features focus on productivity, collaboration and creativity. Our efforts point in the same directions as we strive to offer the optimal solutions to make design and branding as smooth and quick as possible.

Although our customers come from a variety of fields and industries, they all have at least one thing in common: They all look for a simple and cost effective creative design solution, and this is where Bannersnack comes in handy.

Which of your features and models are most requested by marketers?

We have chosen to invest resources only in the features that are in high demand by our community, and we are constantly looking to develop them further. Whenever we receive a suggestion, or someone in our community contacts us with an idea or request, we discuss it and often implement it.

At this time of year, we have a few favorites that are seeing a rise in popularity. Video marketing is one of the lifeblood of the digital world, when it comes to content strategy. Naturally, we had to find a solution that supported the creation of video ads.

We recently performed a basic update so that Bannersnack can now be used as a video ad creator, providing marketers with a complete solution for all their promotional needs.

Our Design set generator has always been popular for all the right reasons: you can generate over 50 sizes at a time and save a lot of time.

Our collaboration package for design teams Also experiencing an increase in demand and popularity as it replaces many other expensive tools. Moreover, with our platform, you have unlimited storage space for your designs and you can collaborate with your team on multiple projects while all your files and data are stored and backed up in the cloud.

When it comes to models and design elements, since our community members come from different backgrounds and fields, we are actively working to create diverse visual content that is relevant to various industries.

Our social media design templates have always been in high demand, especially those created for retail, fashion, beauty and hospitality, but also real estate and technology, mainly the models we create for sectors that have a lot of campaigning.

Customers often look at the company’s branding and brand success, how can Bannersnack help businesses improve their branding?

We have a design-driven approach, mainly because that’s what we sell: design solutions.

Our users can upload their own branding elements, including logo, images, colors, and incorporate them into their designs. In this way, we help them maintain brand consistency throughout their visual communication.

We have an exceptional team of designers, and we are happy to share their work and vision with our community at every opportunity and help their design efforts.

Therefore, we help companies improve their brand image by allowing designers to collaborate with other stakeholders through our platform. We also provide relevant and professional models and patterns, as well as bespoke illustrations and several other creative design elements that reflect the quality of their products and services.

What does a good branding look like from your own perspective?

A brand is an experience, and a great branding should be cohesive and focus on building trust. This is something that makes people think: “Yes, I identify with that! ” Where “They really understand where I’m from, they understand me!”. A good brand image is aimed at the target audience at every given opportunity, so it therefore has a human approach.

But how do you get to this stage? Research is imperative, and understanding people means spending a lot of time getting to know them, understanding their real needs and struggles while still being empathetic. It is also the safest bet to build brand loyalty, which ultimately translates into increased revenue.

With all the beautiful designs and models, how does Bannersnack turn a potential customer into a real customer?

I’m not going to talk about marketing funnels and sales techniques, because to some extent we do what everyone else does. However, I will speak to the fact that we are big fans of the “Show, don’t say! ” method, so we make sure to keep a friendly and informative tone in our communications matters. We always invite potential customers to put our platform to the test. We then ensure a smooth experience by assigning account and support managers to potential customers, in case they need additional advice or information.

Do you have any marketing services or incentives available for Bannersnack customers?

Not yet, who knows what the future holds? However, we like to believe that we nourish our relationships to the point that members of our community feel they can contact us and ask for advice. Some of them do. Additionally, we have a Facebook group for our community, where we also discuss various marketing and advertising topics.

Can you tell us about your team and customer service?

My team oversees everything related to promoting the product, values ​​and mission of Bannersnack. My colleagues are good at digging into our clients’ world and finding new ways to engage with our community.

When it comes to supporting agents in SaaS companies, I think of them as superheroes because solving so many problems in so many different areas is sometimes a challenge. Our support team is truly amazing, they have mixed skills and most importantly, they are very flexible. Plus, they’re proactive in the way they interact with our user base, and they respond very quickly because no one wants to wait a few days for a solution, most people want it on the spot, and that’s exactly what. that they do in most cases. .

Of course, we have issues that require further analysis like any other product, but most of the time the solutions fly. Plus, they also work closely with our development team when the going gets tough.

Do you have more information for companies who want to use Bannersnack?

Give it a try! If you’re looking to streamline your creative design process and save time and money, Bannersnack can really help. Yoyou can either free registration Where request a demo to explore the full potential of our platform and see if it meets your needs.

We have a wide range of plans and subscription types, whether you’re a team of one, so you’re interested in purchasing an individual plan, or you’re part of a team looking to create, evolve and collaborate.

If you are already a member of our community, we would like to thank you for choosing Bannersnack!

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