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Creative design tips for custom printed t-shirts and apparel

When it comes to custom printed t-shirts, not much can come close to creative satisfaction. T-shirt design has become so popular that graphic designers, illustrators and typographers flock by the hundreds to put their designs and creative efforts on shirts. And, it not only satisfies the creative pursuit, like if you can market it well, you can make a lot of money and even build your fashion brand.

Custom printed t-shirts

There are several factors you need to consider beyond the designs on the shirt. However, let’s not get carried away, because wholesale t shirts printing can be tricky and intimidating. That’s the question for another post. This article will take a look at some creative and design tips that will help you carve out a niche for yourself.

Read on to find out more.

Brainstorm for your concept

Designing custom printed t-shirts and any garment for that matter is a time consuming process. So nothing good will come out if you rush the process. Make sure to draw multiple sketches, create variations, and work as a team if necessary. Yes, a design can come to you right away, but it’s always a great idea to think about it until you know the aesthetic value of it.

Create a draft on a shirt

Designers will say that there is a difference between a drawing on the screen and a print. So, model mockups are a must, especially in the case of wholesale t-shirt printing. You don’t have to put the design on an actual shirt, but you can still use apps and software platforms to create a fictitious design draft. This will allow you to observe the drawing in its actual size and resolution.

Avoid too many details

The truth is, there is nothing better than the attention to detail in well-executed designer clothes. Complicated designs, intricate patterns, and themes are appealing to everyone. However, if you look around you will see that most of the classic t-shirt designs are simplistic. So, keep in mind that even the most complicated messages can be emphasized by simpler expressions.

Do your market research

Before you start printing wholesale t-shirts, you need to invest time and money in market research. Yes, you might have several ideas for t-shirts, but you must be wondering what your market is? There are different markets including men, women and youth. It goes without saying that styles and aesthetic requirements are very different depending on the types of market available.

Be wise with the use of humor

There’s a trick to using humor: understand when it’s unnecessary and inappropriate. Each joke or humor has a specific audience, but you need to be careful before using humor in your design and showing it to the world. Successful designs therefore employ a more subtle form of humor. So get rid of whatever is on your face.

Advice on the use of colors

The colors must be complementary, that’s all! Amateur designers usually end up using bright colors without thinking about the contrast effect and complement factor. Try to use halftones and always choose shades with the basics of the game in mind.

Preparation of the work

Pantone colors are perfect if you opt for screen printing. Trust the experts: printers will find it easier to recreate designs in Pantone colors. Also, if you have outlines or texts, make sure to use extended outline and strokes. Also, follow some tutorials on the internet to prepare your artwork the right way before ordering the print.

A good printer is a secret weapon

Once you’re done with the artwork and finalized the inventory, it’s time to print. It makes perfect sense to choose the right expert to create the most beautiful clothes. But it would be best to keep in mind that there are hundreds of printing services out there. Always remember that there are different types of printing options including screen printing and vinyl. Printing options work best on specific fabrics and materials. So, hire the right expert to make sure the material and print are of the highest quality.

Search your topic

Now that you are involved in the t-shirt and apparel printing business, you should strive to stay ahead of the competition. It means investing time and energy in research. You have to scour the internet and social media sites for designs, tips, trends, and even get involved in competitor research. Try to watch the creations of the best designers around the world and draw your inspiration from pop culture to stay in tune.

We hope that our article will allow you to design the most beautiful t-shirts; all my wishes!

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