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Creative Market Pro is a new design asset subscription service for creative design professionals and agencies • Beautiful Pixels

Creative Market Pro will offer content curated as vectors, designs, fonts, templates, and more.

Creative market, the open market platform for designers and developers to purchase resources for their work, announced today Creative Marketplace Pro, a library of subscription-based design assets. The service is aimed at designers, illustrators, agencies, teams and other creative professionals and gives you access to a library of over 260,000 assets like fonts, graphics, web templates, themes, photos, etc.

Creative Market was launched in 2012 and was later acquired by AutoDesk in 2014. However, in October of last year, Creative Market announcement that she became independent again, as the company’s vision did not strategically align with AutoDesk’s direction. The company also raised $ 7 million in funding as part of the move.

Unlike the Creative Market, where anyone can sign up and start selling their digital products, Creative Market Pro is a organized platform that includes high quality products from top designers. Resources are available in six main categories: Fonts, Graphics, Templates, Add-ons, Photos, and Themes. Each of these categories has several sub-categories to narrow your search down to what you are looking for. Each asset can be organized by customer, project, or campaign, and you can have individual accounts for team members with specific user access controls, as well as project-based asset collaboration.

Icons to download from Creative Market Pro

Advertise the service, Aaron Epstein – CEO and Co-Founder of Creative Market says:

[…] it is our passion for independent designers that has motivated us throughout the long days of hard work to create this product. For them, Creative Market Pro will help them tap into a whole new customer base and grow their businesses just by being on the platform.

We believe when stores are successful we are successful, and launching Creative Market Pro is the next step in empowering more independent designers around the world to make a living doing what they love.

The price for Creative Market Pro begins to $ 59 / month, which only gives you 10 downloads per month. You can upgrade to a higher level $ 129 / month plan that gives you 25 downloads per month or go all the way and subscribe to the unlimited downloads plan on $ 249 / month. Unfortunately, these prices are by seat, so that will put off a few interested people.

Creative Market Pro subscription pricing

Pricing plans for Creative Market Pro

If you are looking for a similar subscription service, there is Elements of Envato who starts at $ 29 / month with unlimited downloads.

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