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Dolezal Creative Design Build, Inc.

Jessica Dolezal, President

Photo by Tony Nelson

Ever since she visited construction sites with her father as a child, Jessica Dolezal has been passionate about the world of construction and all it has to offer. After working alongside her father throughout her twenties, she expanded her experience with national builders and building materials distribution companies before returning to her roots in 2013. Dolezal Creative Design Build, Inc. is the family business, and Dolezal is a third generation builder and President.

Collaboration, respect, integrity and strength are all necessary factors when creating the best end product possible, and from the process, camaraderie is born. The company utilizes the honed talents of individuals from the American Society of Interior Designers who work closely with clients from day one. From initial brainstorming to actual production, every detail is considered, right down to the last pillow.

“Taking over the family business was quite a change,” says Dolezal. She took over from her father and experienced firsthand what it means to be a responsible woman. “I think I bring a different perspective to the industry: women think differently than men. I think it creates a great momentum towards a team effort.

Dolezal’s house is a safe space to escape to when the world has knocked us down. It’s a place to exist without judgment and spend time with family and friends. A home is personal, and the thoughtfulness of a renovation encompasses exactly that.

In addition to beautiful homes, Dolezal Creative Design Build built Gloria’s Place for the Bridge for Youth, the first of its kind, and was selected to build the Storyteller Café, a local nonprofit that supports survivors of human trafficking. Human being.

When navigating an industry predominantly dominated by men, Dolezal looks to her childhood for motivation. “I learned as a kid that ‘can’t’ is not a word and that you have to find other solutions to problems to get things done,” she says. “We’re a ‘yes’ and ‘how’ type – we solve problems all the way!

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