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Former Carrigallen student, the face of creative design at IT Sligo

Former Carrigallen vocational student Arron Neenan is used as the face of the Creative Design course at IT Sligo.

Its success story is used to market the course and the college to potential students.

Arron Neenan from Cavan told IT: “Throughout my elementary and high school years, I always wanted to create things or take on a challenge and find a solution. Art was one of my favorite subjects in school. Creative Design is the perfect blend of a graphic design and industrial design approach, taking on a challenge and finding the result. When I attended the IT Sligo Open House, I got really interested in what the students had to say. After seeing some of their work, I knew this was the diploma for me.

“What I love most about creative design is challenging myself and using the many skills I learned during my studies to create a positive outcome. The knowledge of the teachers is amazing. and they set a standard that students want to achieve. Small class size is great for getting to know people and making friends. It also benefits students as you can easily ask questions and help is always there Teachers know their students by name.

“I love the integration we have with the other courses at Yeats Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture. We work on collaborative projects with students from other courses. We combine our skills and work on projects together. In terms of modules my two favorites would be product design and CAD design. We spend a lot of time in the studio working on our ideas. It’s great because we have the opportunity to get creative and see our ideas. ideas grow There are also brand new Creative Design Studios in the new YAADA building Can’t wait to get started!

“Outside of college, I worked on different projects. For example, I designed posters and graphics for a boutique in my hometown. In the long term, I plan to pursue a career in designing. products and possibly to have the graphic design side by side as a freelance. “

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