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LCI increases the number of creative design courses with links to industry

LCI Education has supported its centers in Vancouver, Montreal, Melbourne and Barcelona for future growth, adding courses ranging from a bachelor’s degree in fashion design to a master’s degree in creative industries management, and other higher education degree programs .

“[Partnerships] help to adequately prepare students for the real needs of the labor market ”

LCI Barcelona launched a master’s degree in English Classes, which combines project and team learning with residency learning experiences.

The course is designed to ensure that students are prepared for work in an industry that employs over 29 million people worldwide.

In addition, he created a strategic alliance with the school of digital design Way, as LCI Barcelona strives to become the “first design school” in Spain.

“These courses and alliances make LCI Education a ‘one-stop-shop’ for boutique higher education,” said Nathalie Lachance, CMO of LCI Education at LCI Education.

“These are indeed very popular destinations. “

In Canada, LaSalle College Vancouver expanded its fashion design program via a new bachelor’s degree in design in fashion design, while LaSalle College Montreal partnered with retail company ALDO for a specialization in shoe design and accessories. Classes.

“[Partnerships] help prepare students adequately for the real needs of the job market, ”added Lachance.

According to LCI, there is a “glaring shortage of skilled labor” in the design of shoes and accessories, an important function of the Quebec fashion industry.

“A specialized training program for designers, preparing them to integrate into the footwear industry, has never existed to date,” noted the director of the School of Fashion François Bousquet at the Montreal campus. .

The ALDO Group is currently recruiting 90 positions at LCI’s Montreal campus.

At another of its centers in Australia’s “cultural capital”, LCI Melbourne recently announced four higher education degree programs, which can be used as a direct route to its Bachelor of Design Arts program.

As of June 2020, the programs have been developed in consultation with industry experts and promise students a combination of developmental, creative and professional skills.

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