Mortgage loan

What is a mortgage loan or a home loan?

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A mortgage loan is really nothing but a mortgage. When you take out such a loan, you buy a house, apartment or plot of land. That purchase then becomes the collateral for the loan. A collateral is a kind of guarantee for the lender. If you do not meet the payment obligations, it has the right to sell your collateral to pay off the remaining debt.

It doesn’t have to get that far. The conditions of a mortgage loan are very clear and transparent. Also prepare a clear repayment schedule.
That way you won’t be confronted with surprises!

A mortgage loan is taken out for a specific duration. Traditionally this was 20 years. Today, however, most people take out a 30-year mortgage due to rising property prices.

A mortgage loan is also closely related to your living situation. Your income or joint family income, your living situation and your age are used to make the final calculation.

An important rule of thumb for such loans is the balance between the value of your collateral and the amount of money you borrow. This balance is based on an execution value. This is the amount that the lender expects to receive in the event of a forced sale of the collateral. The foreclosure value is usually set at 125%, equal to the amount to be borrowed.

With this short explanation you will come to an end, but contact a mortgage adviser anyway!



A mortgage loan is a home loan with which you can buy a house, apartment or building land.

You can borrow up to 125% of the purchase price, so you can also pay the notary fees and other expenses of the loan amount!

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