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urban renewal office completes wuhan creative design center

The Chinese Office for Urban Renewal has turned a former school into a “wuhan creative design center”. the site was originally a dormitory for the wuhan steel company (WISCO), built 70 years ago. this renovation The project involves “primary school n ° 3” located on the central axis of the large community.

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urban renewal office retained the existing teaching buildings but demolished the playground and other buildings to expose the historic facade on the south side. the north elevation retains its original appearance as much as possible and shows traces of various historical periods. this includes red bricks from the 1950s, washed stone from the 70s, ceramic tiles from the 90s, and contemporary steel trellis. the steel trellis not only adds a layer of “new clothes” to the building, but also allows people to see the historic facade behind it.

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the most characteristic part of the project is what the architects call the “crown of honggang”, which is the red roof platform that visually connects the yangtze river to the north with the nearby city of honggang to the south. this bold architectural element follows the concept of ‘the structure is decorative’ while paying homage to honggang, known as the ‘city of red steel’. it also concerns the bridge over the wuhan yangtze river built by WISCO.

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The urban renewal office also took care of the landscaping, or what they call “honggang hill”. the landscaping was designed to connect to the main city facilities on the south side while also preserving the main entrance.

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the entrance to the wuhan creative design center rises and then descends onto a landscape of red tiles combined with bright lighting. Named “the eaves of yesterday”, this aspect of the design aims to evoke memories of childhood games.

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the main entrance to the building has been redesigned with red brick. on the one hand, ancient materials were used to show the warmth of history; on the other hand, a variety of new tiling techniques have been tried to express contemporary design concepts. many innovative architectural structures are hidden in jagged tiles and arch-shaped rainscreens.

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the overall interior design attempts to retain the original spatial scale as much as possible. to achieve this, extremely high demands were placed on the electromechanical design.

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the finished interiors explore a dialogue between the robustness of steel and iron and the finesse of fashion. a spiral staircase wrapped in red steel plates serves as the main protagonist, linked to the red roof platform and the industrial history of the site.

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project info:

Name: wuhan creative design center

site: Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

program: mixed use

customer: OCT wuhan

customer team: chu yunhong, dai hongquan, yang xu, il xin, zhu zehua, chen hua, sun hong, lu fei

architectural design: urban renewal office

main architects: ling yingsong

design team: ling yingsong, wang kexiang, gao yibin, huang rui, huang longchen

landscaping design: urban renewal office

interior design : urban renewal office

Region: 4,703 m² (50,622 ft²)

Cost: US $ 8 million

year: 2021

photography: liu anqi

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edited by: lynne myers | design boom

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